Child’s Personal Details

(Please fill in the form in English.)

Before Continuing the Application

Before continuing with the online application process, it is recommended that you have all the below documents on your computer, ready to upload, to avoid wasting time.

1. Photograph of the applicant

2. A copy of the photograph page (and the “visa / permit page” if applicable) of the applicant’s passport. *If the applicant has more than one passport, please attach copies of additional passports

3. Copies of both parents’ photograph pages (and the “visa / permit pages” if applicable) of their passports

4. Copy of applicant’s birth certificate

5. Copy of applicant’s Hong Kong ID Card (if applicable)

6. Two of the most recent academic reports from the applicant’s current school (For K1 applicants, please upload a photo of the pupil if they do not have an academic report)

7. Debenture Certificate (ICC or ID) – if relevant
The application account must be created by adults. The online application takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, please allow yourself enough time before you start. We suggest you use a desktop or laptop computer to complete this form. Smartphones and tablets may cause issues due to screen size and formatting limitation.

Registration is not completed until the parents have received an acknowledgement of application and the Application Fee has been duly paid. Registration does not, however, constitute an offer of a place at the School.

Child’s Personal Details
Upload New Photo?

Please upload a photo of the pupil which clearly shows his / her face. (Within Last 3 Months)

(Exactly as in identity document)

(Exactly as in identity document)

(Name you would like to be known as.)

2020/21 Entry Year is only for Overseas and Year 12 applicants.

Please refer to our Age Guidelines.

If you would like to request a different Year Group, please contact the admissions office.

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